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This Mom, Who Has No Idea How To Use WhatsApp, Knows Exactly How to Entertain the Internet

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Helping your parents with their gadgets is a daily grind, and not the kind that helps you get those washboard abs. It’s more like the kind of grind where you get phone call after phone call about how their smart phone doesn’t work. If it doesn’t work, then how are you calling me?

However, there are moments when it all becomes worth it, when a parent makes a power move to remind us that they’re just people, too, adorable people.

Twitter user @conrad1798 uploaded this photo of his mom trying to use WhatsApp, and, man, it’s so good.

Why would she have to encrypt this message anyway?

People on Twitter love this. Probably becuase this is better than getting a voice mail asking the same question.

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Can You Live Off the Free Samples at Costco, Because These People Can


Costco isn’t just a place where you can buy 10 pounds of shrimp for $10, it’s also a place where dreams come true. Because the best deal there is free.

We’re talking about the free samples, of course.

The free samples at Costco have long been the secret reason to be going to the big box store, but they have rarely gotten the love they deserve. That’s not the case on Twitter, where people are going absolutely crazy for free samples. Check it out:

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Watch Paul Ryan Upset the Irish on Twitter By Raising a Sad Looking Guinness

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Cute. I remember my first beer.

Yesterday, at an event where that reality-TV gameshow host who became president last year with the Irish Prime Minister, House speaker Paul Ryan raised a pathetic glass of Guinness and nearly set off an international incident. Watch as Paul Ryan attempts to fit in with normal folk as if he wasn’t actively trying to kill normal people by gutting medicaid.

This is not going over well on the internet, as people are mortified at Paul Ryan’s beer and the idea of him drinking it. Sure this is nit picky, but Paul Ryan suck, so whatever. Enjoy people making fun of this turd.

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