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Ryan Reynolds Is Getting Hilariously Roasted After Posting Cheesy 90s Throwback Pic

Ryan Reynolds is getting roasted after sharing a cheesy 90s throwback picture.

This picture proves an undeniable fact: Ryan Reynolds capacity for self-deprecating humor and humility is what makes the man a true national treasure. The guy just never fails to get a laugh out of us, and clearly has a hell of a time keeping everyone entertained. Can’t wait for the next joke he drums up.

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Wowcast 98: Das große Halloween-Horrorfilm-Special

Zu Halloween besprechen René und ich 30 mal mehr mal weniger essenzielle Horrorfilme und Artverwandtes von It Follows bis Night of the Hunter und Gremlins bis Abbot & Costello meet Frankenstein. Sämtliche Filme findet man in dem Bild oben, Photoshop is’n bisschen mit mir durchgegangen, what gives. Happy Wundästhetik und viel Spaß mit dem Blut!


Edgar Wrights 100 Favorite Horror Movies
James Gunns Favorite Horror Movies
Sounds by InspectorJ (1/2), lennyboy

Links zu MP3, Soundcloud und Podcast-Feeds:

MP3: wowcast98.mp3 (201 MB)
Soundcloud: Wowcast 98: Das große Halloween-Horrorfilm-Special
iTunes: NC-Podcast


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Can You Live Off the Free Samples at Costco, Because These People Can


Costco isn’t just a place where you can buy 10 pounds of shrimp for $10, it’s also a place where dreams come true. Because the best deal there is free.

We’re talking about the free samples, of course.

The free samples at Costco have long been the secret reason to be going to the big box store, but they have rarely gotten the love they deserve. That’s not the case on Twitter, where people are going absolutely crazy for free samples. Check it out:

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Dude’s Wild Story About Losing Virginity on Eurotrip at Night Club Ends In Ridiculously Epic Interruption


Before the backlash ensues about running a good ‘ol green text story that may or may (most likely) not be entirely true, just hold your horses and appreciate the creativity evident in this sexually depraved little tale. If the dude’s goal was to bring back the kind of glory stories that’d keep his friends entertained long into their older years, than mission accomplished. Can’t imagine this is what his dad had in mind for his son when he encouraged him to get out and explore the world though.

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