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Uber Driver Finds Out the Hard Way That Her Man is Cheating After Giving His Sidepiece a Ride

Uber driver finds out BF is cheating when ride asks for his place while he out of town.

This is one of those situations where the universe lines up perfectly to dish out some solid karma. I mean what are the chances? I think the last thing you’d ever expect as an Uber driver is to pick up your significant others side piece from the airport and have to hand deliver them to your SO’s place.

You can’t help but feel for this girl as anyone who has been involved in a situation where you come to realize a loved one is lying or cheating will know the sinking, burning feeling that she describes.

Get ready, cause this one is a trip.

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Guy’s Girlfriend Starts Watching Game of Thrones For the First Time and Makes a Shocking Revelation

Guy's Girlfriend Starts Watching Game of Thrones For the First Time and Makes a Shocking Revelation

We don’t know how it’s humanly possible to have existed on this earth for the last 7 years without having the entirety of Game of Thrones spoiled for you, but apparently some people are entirely oblivious to the phenomenon.

This guy’s girlfriend recently started watching through Game of Thrones for the first time and towards the end of the first season (roughly 6 episodes after the reveal) she came to a shocking revelation.

We think these next few seasons are going to be rough for her.

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altDiesmal gibt es DEN PHANTASTISCHEN BÜCHERBRIEF gleich zweimal. Im ersten mit der Nummer 645 findet sich eine umfangreiche Besprechung zu VALERIAN UND DIE STADT DER TAUSEND PLANETEN, die den Umfang eines normalen Bücherbriefs gesprengt hätte.

In der Nummer 646 findet man dann wie gewohnt Erik Schreibers Besprechungen zu Publikationen, diesmal aus den Bereichen Internationale Phantastik, Krimi & Thriller, Comic und Sekundärliteratur.

Beide PHANTASTISCHE BÜCHERBRIEFE liegen wie immer im PDF-Format vor und können hier kostenlos herunter geladen werden.

Bücherbrief 654 Valerian (PDF, ca. 1,6 MB)

Bücherbrief 646 Juli 2017 (PDF, ca. 1 MB)

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