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Girl Goes on a Date and Gets the Ultimate Assist From Her Best Friend


It’s nice to know your friends have your back. A good wing man (or woman) can go a long way when trying to make advances on someone. Good friends will also be there to lend a hand when you’re fretting over that first date. Well, this girls friend took it one step further in order to ensure her first date went off without a hitch.

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This Dude Loves His Phone So Much That He Actually Married It

Aaron Chervenak took his relationship with his cellphone to the next level and got married to it last month. The two eloped at the Little Vegas Chapel in Las Vegas.

“In a sense, my smartphone has been my longest relationship,” he said. “That’s why I decided to see what it was like to actually marry a phone.”

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Woman Trolls Some Sorry Stranger After a Text Claims "Your Boyfriend Made Me Pregnant"


Absolutely ruthless.

On one hand you have a girl who is obviously in an emotional crisis and experiencing a life-altering moment. AND then you’ve got someone who has ran out of sh*ts to give. Was the trolling mean, YES. Was it necessary, NO.

But, seriously, the dude’s name was Sam. That’s practically an alley-oop for any internet troll.

*Not a single Supernatural meme was spared in the making of this heartless trolling

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