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Bestätigt: JOHN WICK CHAPTER 3 kommt im Sommer 2019


Lionsgate hat bestätigt, dass die Arbeit am dritten Teil von JOHN WICK voran geht und dass Keanu Reeves die Rolle erneut übernehmen wird. Das wundert nicht, denn auch Teil zwei war ein Erfolg und daraufhin wollte das Studio schnell noch einen hinterher schieben. Wollen wir hoffen, dass sie das Thema nicht totreiten …

Das Drehbuch zu JOHN WICK CHAPTER 3 schreibt, wie bereits bei den ersten beiden Episoden, Derek Kolstad, ob Chad Stahelski erneut Regie führen wird (er war beim ersten Co-Regisseur und beim zweiten fungierte er als Regisseur) ist derzeit noch nicht bekannt.

Mehr wenn ich es erfahre.

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Guy Freaks Out After His Girlfriend Sends Him A Picture of Her Shaved Head

Guy Freaks Out After His Girlfriend Sends Him A Picture of Her Shaved Head

This girl got her boyfriend good when she sent him a selfie of what looked to be a shaved head. He definitely lost his chill.

From the original poster freakyfirecrotch69:

“I had a balding app on my phone and decided to send a picture of myself using it to my boyfriend, assuming he’d probably know it was a joke. Well, turns out he didn’t, so I just went with it. ????”

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Small Car Dealer Executes Sweet Justice on Persistent Spammer

Small car dealer trolls persistent spammer from craigslist ad in awesome texting conversation.

Stumbled across this throwback of a spammer getting spammed in glorious fashion, and it was just too damn satisfying not to try and get back in recirculation for you guys. You can almost hear him (if it wasn’t some shitty bot) screaming, livid, utterly devastated at his screen….”UNSEND! UNSEND! UNSEND!” Craigslist spammers, or ones hailing from any dark recess of the devious underworld are the bane of our existence. Nothing warms the heart more than to see swift justice being carried out where its due; and god only knows what ever became of this persistent little bastard.

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Inmate Offhandedly DM’s Chick From Prison And We’re All Horribly Confused

prison surprising wtf facebook texting - 1824517

Of all the wild and unexpected friend requests/random messages any social media subscriber is apt to find in their inbox, the last thing you’d expect would be a damn message from an inmate who somehow has access to a working cellular device; but alas, here we find ourselves — deep in the pits of WTF Facebook land. The real, unavoidable question here though, is how in the hell did this dude manage to lock down a phone and get these texts off!

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