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Uber Driver Finds Out the Hard Way That Her Man is Cheating After Giving His Sidepiece a Ride

Uber driver finds out BF is cheating when ride asks for his place while he out of town.

This is one of those situations where the universe lines up perfectly to dish out some solid karma. I mean what are the chances? I think the last thing you’d ever expect as an Uber driver is to pick up your significant others side piece from the airport and have to hand deliver them to your SO’s place.

You can’t help but feel for this girl as anyone who has been involved in a situation where you come to realize a loved one is lying or cheating will know the sinking, burning feeling that she describes.

Get ready, cause this one is a trip.

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Das dichotome Hotel

Das dichotome Hotel Hotel-Mono_01

Das „Hotel Mono“ besitzt es einfaches wie zeitloses Farbsystem: Schwarz und Weiß. Und das in möglichst klarem Kontrast zueinander. In Singapur können Design-Liebhaber in der nicht nur in Sachen Farbe, sondern auch bei den Formen sehr robust gehaltenen Unterkunft nächtigen. Okay, bist auf die Fassade, die mit ihrem wunderbar altertümlichen Stil nochmals einen weiteren Kontrast hinzufügt. Love it!

„Hotel Mono is a chic hideaway set in six historical shop houses of modern design. The beautifully rejuvenated buildings retain original charm with characteristic airwells and Rococo-era windows; slipping into traditional Singapore and interweaving with the city’s urban bustle.“

Das dichotome Hotel Hotel-Mono_02
Das dichotome Hotel Hotel-Mono_03
Das dichotome Hotel Hotel-Mono_04
Das dichotome Hotel Hotel-Mono_05
Das dichotome Hotel Hotel-Mono_06
Das dichotome Hotel Hotel-Mono_07

Wer eines der 46 Zimmer buchen möchte, ist ab 101.80 Euro die Nacht (zumindest bei meiner zufälligen Stichprobe) dabei.

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Hoooooly Shit, These Pictures of Trump in a Semi Truck Might Have Just Made This Whole Nightmare Worth It

donald trump,trucks

Who’s a big boy?

That reality-TV gameshow host who somehow became president finally had his big boy dreams come true yesterday. After meeting with a group of trucking CEOs, the Donald got behind the wheel of a semi, pretended to drive for the first time in decades, and even got to honk the horn like a big boy!

He sure does!

Obvious people loved this because, wow, does he look ridiculous. Check them out and try not to think about the fact that while this was happening, the GOP was figuring out a plan to kick 20 million people off insurance.

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