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15 Craziest and Most Hilarious Things People Did To Get Booted Off Club Penguin

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If there’s one thing we can count on when it comes to the dark humorously twisted black hole that is Club Penguin; it’s for things to spiral out of control between users when it comes to dialogue. Also, it’s truly amazing when it comes to the lengths people would go to to get themselves blacklisted from the game’s servers. Color me impressed, but also vaguely disgusted.

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Dickhead Keeps Using the N-Word, Woman Cleans His Clock and Then His Pants Fall Down

If I’ve said it before, I’ve said it a hundred times: Nothing makes a fight better like someone’s pants falling down.

Here we have a classic example of why racism will get you smacked. According to the video, this guy got “jumped by some black people so he’s a little pissed off.” He’s at the convenient store complaining about it, while a woman is trying to live her goddamn life. As these things tend to go, he keeps using the n-word, and “he kept on doing it to her over and over again.” What happened? I think you can figure it out:

It goes without saying that racism will get you beat up. Sorry, but that’s just how the world works. You can’t just be blaming one problem you had on a whole group of people, and more so than that, you can’t be using the n-word.

But man, is there anything more pathetic than getting beat up and then having your pants fall down. So good.

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Hoooooly Shit, These Pictures of Trump in a Semi Truck Might Have Just Made This Whole Nightmare Worth It

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Who’s a big boy?

That reality-TV gameshow host who somehow became president finally had his big boy dreams come true yesterday. After meeting with a group of trucking CEOs, the Donald got behind the wheel of a semi, pretended to drive for the first time in decades, and even got to honk the horn like a big boy!

He sure does!

Obvious people loved this because, wow, does he look ridiculous. Check them out and try not to think about the fact that while this was happening, the GOP was figuring out a plan to kick 20 million people off insurance.

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