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We Can’t Even Right Now With Nordstrom’s New Line of Fake Mud-Coated Jeans

Nordstrom releases very expensive, ridiculous fake mud-coated jeans clothing line.

The fashionista entrepreneurs really outdid themselves with this line of clothing. Did some disheveled penny-pinching, derelicte bum stumble into the conference room halfway through an utterly stunted, blank-faced brainstorming session or what? Then again, Nordstrom is not one to disappoint us back here at Fail Blog when it comes to, well, Fail-worthy clothing. Remember those ‘mom jeans’ or that expensive stone? Yep. Ever entertaining.

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Change Your Passwords, Mainstream Media, Because ABC News’ Twitter Got Hacked Today

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Now that’s what I call “Fake News.”

Earlier today, ABC News‘ and Good Morning America‘s Twitters account were hacked, which led to an array of dickish posts that did everything from proclaim the love of Donald Trump to claiming that Tyler, the Creator was dead. There’s something really creepy and off putting when things like this happen, like it’s weird to see the word “bro” being tweeted from a news organization.

This is just crazy. Please make more secure passwords, media.

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Wowcast 74: The Night of Sonntagnachmittage mit Enterprise-Theme


Im 74. Wowcast quatschen wir erstmal eine halbe Stunde lang dummes Zeug und reden anschließend über HBOs großartiges Crime-Drama The Night of. René und ich versuchen, unsere Hörer mit Fake-Youtube-Audio-Dingsbums zu verarschen und unseren Zuschauern Zuhörern Zuschauern den Leuten den total superen neuen Lippenstift unseres geilen neuen Sponsors anzudrehen und reden ansonsten über kaputte Füße und Sneaker als idiosynkratischen roten Faden der Serie, über The Night of als sechste Staffel von The Wire und singen dabei das Theme von Enterprise.


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