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Crashtest einer Boeing 727

Crashtest einer Boeing 727 boeing-727-crash-test

So etwas sieht man (zum Glück) tatsächlich nicht alle Tage. Channel 4 hat 2012 im Rahmen einer Dokumentation eine ausgewachsene Boeing 727 in der Wüste not-crashen lassen. Alles im Namen der Wissenschaft, versteht sich. Dürfte einer der teuersten Crash-Tests überhaupt gewesen sein.

„On April 27, 2012, a team of scientists staged an airplane crash near Mexicali, Mexico. An unmanned Boeing 727-200, fitted with numerous cameras, crash-test dummies and other scientific instruments, was flown into the ground. The exercise was filmed for television.“

Die komplette, rund 72-minütige Dokumentation dazu könnt ihr natürlich auch schauen:

„It shows the extensive planning and explains the rationale for the experiment.“

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Werbetafeln zeigen das, was sie verbergen

Werbetafeln zeigen das, was sie verbergen Visible-Distance_Second-Sight-Jennifer-Bolande_01

Im Rahmen der „Desert X“ hat Künstlerin Jennifer Bolande am kalifornischen Gene Autry Trail ein paar Billboards mit genau den Bildausschnitten gebucht, die sie eigentlich verbergen (wenn man als Betrachter entsprechend davor steht). Bis 30. April könnt ihr die kuriose Installation noch in der Wüsten-Ausstellung live sehen – solltet ihr gerade in der Nähe sein…

„Within the desert empire of roadside signs, Bolande chooses to advertise the very thing so often overlooked. Looking up at the billboards our attention is drawn back to the landscape itself, pictured here as a stuttering kinesthetic of real and artificial horizons.“

Werbetafeln zeigen das, was sie verbergen Visible-Distance_Second-Sight-Jennifer-Bolande_02
Werbetafeln zeigen das, was sie verbergen Visible-Distance_Second-Sight-Jennifer-Bolande_03
Werbetafeln zeigen das, was sie verbergen Visible-Distance_Second-Sight-Jennifer-Bolande_04

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New Ridiculous Spring Break Partying Trend Involves Chugging Booze Through Girls’ Cleavage and Ass Cracks

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Remember when the ice luge was one of the most exciting innovations to strike the party scenes where we were all trying to get drunk in new ways as fast as possible? Yeah. Those were the (cleaner) days. Some frat king or blacked out boozehound managed to inspire a new movement recently though: chugging anything within sight through a willing lady’s cleavage and/or ass crack. Yep. Had to double take that one myself. You’ll have to see these videos to believe it. Does bring to mind though: have you really lived until you’ve guzzled beer through a pair of boobs?

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Watch Paul Ryan Upset the Irish on Twitter By Raising a Sad Looking Guinness

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Cute. I remember my first beer.

Yesterday, at an event where that reality-TV gameshow host who became president last year with the Irish Prime Minister, House speaker Paul Ryan raised a pathetic glass of Guinness and nearly set off an international incident. Watch as Paul Ryan attempts to fit in with normal folk as if he wasn’t actively trying to kill normal people by gutting medicaid.

This is not going over well on the internet, as people are mortified at Paul Ryan’s beer and the idea of him drinking it. Sure this is nit picky, but Paul Ryan suck, so whatever. Enjoy people making fun of this turd.

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